5 Boston-Local Beers to Drink This Winter

Beers to Drink

Winter draws us inside and out of the cold, but there are so many things to do and taste in these chilly months!  Boston has the lead over almost any other city when it comes to beer.  Here you can try dozens of different unique flavors in varying degrees of color and happiness that will leave you stunned.

These are the top five flavors to chase down this winter and why they’re such a big deal!

Goody Two Shoes by Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company

This Kolsch-style ale is an incredibly popular flavor that’s been making its way through the city.  Inspired by the flavors of Cologne, Germany, Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company has made a name for itself by introducing locals to this light-bodied and lemony beer that will keep you warm through the entire winter.

So far, these are only sold by the can and draft, so make your way to your nearest taproom to catch a taste!

Honeymaker by Widowmaker Brewing

Sweetness is a mark of the season that says we’re ready to enjoy the more delightful parts of life.  Honeymaker is a wonderful double IPA with fun tropical-fruit flavors and an awesome body.  This has a wonderful velvety mouthfeel and incredible flavor that will have you wanting to chug it like tea.  This is available in cans, drafts, or in taprooms and is worth chasing down.

Whirlpool by Night Shift Brewing Company

The best way to wind down from looking at Boston houses for sale is to take a deep sip of the Whirlpool by Night Shift Brewing Company.  This year-round favorite of locals and vacationers alike is one of the best drinks you’ll find!  Full and flavorful, with fun peach and citrus notes, this pale ale carries a lot on its shoulders.  This is available in taprooms and comes in cans and drafts across the city, so make sure to try it soon.

Three Decker by Redemption Rock Brewing Company

Sometimes you don’t want a beer that’s fruity, floral, or honey-sweet!  When those moments come, it’s a good idea to reach for a Three Decker.  This lager is brewed in Worcester and goes down smooth and deliciously.

This is a perfect beer that sets the standard and allows you to explain what you love or don’t love in a beer.

Julius by Tree House Brewing Company

Named after a certain smoothie shop because of how fruity and creamy it is, the Julius is a fan favorite with a fun citrus flavor and incredible mouthfeel.  This is one of the best beers year-round for anyone who wants to have a fun evening without falling asleep early from a heavy beer.

Like the others on this list, it’s also available in cans and drafts and can be found in most taprooms around the city!  Once you try this flavor, you’ll never want another.

Your Future Favorite Beer Could Be Here!

Whether you’re used to trying dozens of different flavors or you usually just stick to one, don’t be shy about trying something new!  Boston has some incredible flavors that will leave you thirsty for more.

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